Mark's Sales and Leasing has three great ways to pay for your next purchase.

You can come ready with cash or credit and buy it today. You can come in and get whatever you need and we'll give you 120 days with no interest to pay. Thats right, you get 120 days same as cash on any product you want. You can also rent to own your purchase for a manageable monthly payment. We'll take all your furniture and electronic purchases, group them together, and offer a monthly payment that you can handle paying. Thats one of the best things about buying your furniture and things from Mark.


Fast & Easy
Ways To Pay:

Get Manageable
Payment Plans

We Set Up A Payment Plan
That Fits Your Budget

Get 120 Days
Same As Cash

Same As Cash. No Interest
If Paid Within 120 Days

Buy It Now At
Our Low Price

And You Can Own It Today



Here at Mark's Sales and Leasing, we never do a credit check. We understand not everyone has "perfect credit", whatever that is, and we're still willing to work with you. We're not interested in doing credit checks. As long as you make you payments, you'll be just fine without having to worry about that.


Mark's Sales and Leasing also has a great delivery, setup and service policy. We'll deliver your purchases for you, so you don't have to worry about the troubles of getting a vehicle big enough to haul things like refrigerators and bedroom sets. We'll just bring them over for you. We have trucks, for sure. We'll also set it up for you. Let us know where you want or need it, and we'll be happy to have our guys do all the muscle work.


Mark's Sales and Leasing services everything we sell. The bottom line is that if you buy something from Mark's, we want it to work for you, so if you run into any troubles, just let us know and we'll be there to fix it right away. This is one of those old time customer service expectations that we're going to keep going. We want you to be satisfied with you experience with Mark's Sales and Leasing so you'll come back to us to buy over and over again.

Credit Free Guarantee at Mark's Sales & Leasing
No Credit Check • Delivery, Set-up & Service Included

Pay off your purchase, and get your first month FREE on your new purchase.

At Mark's Sales and Leasing, we want you to pay off your purchases so you can purchase more. To be more helpful to you, and to keep you happy with the service and support you'll get from Mark, we'll give you one month free when you start a new contract. In other words... Pay off your purchase, and we'll pay for your first month on your next purchase. You don't have to pay anything down, and you'll have no payments for the first month. Sound fair? Good, we thought it sounded good to.




At Mark's Sales and Leasing, we're dedicated to get you WHATEVER YOU WANT.

You want a crossbow? We'll get it and you can make payments. Want a fluffy 5 foot bear? We'll get that too. You need a ring to present to your future wife? We can help! Are you understanding? We're not limited to the things on this site or in our store. We can get you just about anything. We obviously can't get you a gun, don't even ask... but we can get you anything that is reasonable. If it's questionable, its worth asking. You could be pleasantly surprised. We'll go ahead and get it for you, set up a budget friendly payment plan and you'll be a very happy camper.


If mark doesn't have it already, we'll get it for you